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Cruise ships have everything you need on board!

It is very important to us that you truly enjoy yourself on the cruise that you have chosen. This is your personal time for relaxation, rejuvenation, fun, experience and we respect that. This is why we ensure that, from your embarkation until your final moment aboard, our services are organized, complete, safe, hospitable, unforgettable, original and that they are performed by responsible, polite, experienced, ever eager and willing staff.
The purchase of the cruise that you have just made includes specific complimentary benefits aboard the ship:

Service 24/7:
On all of the cruise ships of Louis Cruises there is one member of staff for every two passengers. This means that you get the best possible service, at all times, willing and with a smile. For anything with which you may need assistance, an explanation of, guidance for, or any request you might have, we will be there!

Assistance with luggage:
Before your embarkation on the ship, you will be received by our personnel with a warm welcome. We take care of your luggage at the embarkation terminal and deliver the bags outside the door of your cabin.

Staying/Cleaning of the cabin:
Both the comfort and relaxation in your cabin are of utmost importance to us. During the course of the cruise we attend to the cleanliness, and all requirements in your cabin including the fresh towels and sheets.

Daily notification on the program:
Every evening, you will receive in your cabin a detailed Daily Program for the next day. Through this you are informed in advance of the times of arrival and departure at the specific port, each day we ask that you pay attention to the time of departure. Included are the suggested excursions, the recreational activities on board, the serving times of breakfast/lunch/dinner and other useful information.

Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner on board:
Our chefs pay great attention in the preparation of your meals at the restaurants of our cruise ships, whether a la Carte or buffet. Each day begins with a delicious and excellently prepared breakfast, followed by lunch and dinner. The menu is designed by a selection of well known chefs, both Greek and International. All of our dishes are specially created with authentic, local flavors and the famed ingredients of the Mediterranean diet.

2 alcoholic beverages

Particular diet:
If you have any specific dietary requirements, allergies or intolerance to any ingredients, please let us know in advance and we will make the necessary adjustments, wherever possible. Please inform the Passenger Service Department in time, before your trip (

Use of the pool:
The decks await you for a swim in the pool or just to relax and enjoy the suns rays whilst sipping one of our wonderful cocktails, as the ship cruises to its destination. Maybe you will catch a glimpse of a school of dolphins. For our younger cruisers there is a shallow pool suitable for pool games (kindly note vessels vary with regards to the number and size of pools) Pool towels are provided in all cabins.

Jacuzzi and use of the gym:
If you want to keep in shape even during the cruise, a fully equipped gym is at your disposal. So is the Jacuzzi for some special, relaxing hydro-therapy . Kindly note vessels vary with regards to size and amenities.

Entertainment on board:
During the entire course of the cruise, organized classical, Latin, Pop and Greek music can be found in one of our lounges. Dance the night away in the Disco or sing to your heart’s content at Karaoke. We invite you to join us, and participate, with high spirits and energy. Don’t miss the deck party under the moon light! In addition to all of the above we also have professional shows nightly with vocalists and dancers who will entertain you whilst you enjoy the drink of your choice.

Educational activities for all:
Each day, we do our best to keep your interest piqued and to entertain you with educational activities for all ages. You can participate in: Foreign Language Lessons, Cooking Demonstrations, Ice Sculpting, Handicrafts, Dancing Lessons and more.

Formal evenings:
At least two of the evenings are organized in honor of our passengers where formal dress is required: the Captain’s Cocktail and the Gala Evening before the cruise comes to an end (applies to the 7 day cruises).

Fares and port taxes:
There are absolutely no extra charges for port taxes, fares and surcharges, or from hidden taxes, as everything is included in the final price of your ticket.