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Bars and lounges for relaxation, socializing and entertainment

The cruise ship is its own micro-society. Its focus is you, our passengers, and the personnel of the Cruise ships that ensure your safety and your comfortable stay, and has apart from the cabins and restaurants, numerous interior and exterior common spaces for your entertainment and recreation.
Both bars and lounges on the cruise ships are pleasant spaces, modern, tastefully and carefully arranged and decorated, all focused on ensuring our passengers leisure. Here, you will enjoy moments of relaxation, isolation and concentration as well as days and nights of more upbeat entertainment, meeting people, different events and great music. Everything that will be happening in our bars and lounges you will be informed of daily through the Daily Program which you will receive in your cabin.

Main lounge:
The main lounge of our ships functions mostly as a space for the artistic programs of the company during the evenings, and also as an arena for organized entertainment activities. It is often used as a conference room (amphitheater) but also hosts famous singers, popular music bands, dancing nights and other musical events.

Bars & Lounges:
In the several bars and lounges of our ships you can enjoy your morning coffee or juice, listen to live music by our artists, participate in team games which the entertainment group of the ship organizes, catch up on the news watching the TV or just forget yourself while enjoying a book, your own or maybe one you have borrowed from our library.
Later in the evening, accompanied by a drink, mix with your fellow travelers, sway to the rhythm of live bouzouki or piano, or let your hair down and dance the night away with members of our entertainment group and enjoy the magical voices of our singers, until early in the morning.