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In our cabins you will feel like in a luxurious hotel room
The destinations of your cruise although the highlight of your vacation, the cruise experience itself will always be, comfortable, and relaxing and restful, with experienced personnel at your disposal 24/7 offering first class service. The same applies to your cabin. Your personal space to lounge and relax. You can have breakfast delivered if you wish, you can order a bite from our cabin menu. Also take advantage of deck to relax on a sunbed , enjoy the sun, and the pool. Enjoy the cocktails of the day or your own particular choice.
All our cabins and suites, both exterior and interior, are reminiscent of staying in a great hotel. With outstanding facilities and a wide range of comforts and services that will surprise and delight you, your trip will be comfortable, relaxing and a truly memorable experience.

Cabins are equipped with:
TVs, ice delivery to your cabin upon request, extra towels for the pool, Laundry Service (standard, express and laundry promotions) and of course Room Service.

Cabin Service:
At Louis Cruises we pay great attention to the hygiene and safety of all areas, especially to the cleanliness, efficiency and functionality of your cabin. Twice daily, in the morning and during the afternoon, specialized personnel attend to the complete cleaning and ensuring that your cabin is in ship shape. In the morning, the Cabin Service attends to the complete and meticulous cleaning of your cabin. The beds are laid, the towels are changed and replaced wherever is deemed necessary and in general the room and its contents are put in order. The afternoon shift changes the towels if necessary and, for the cabins with bunk beds, the beds are made, the sheets are freshened and prepared for your night’s rest. The room and its contents are tidied and there is another careful cleaning of the space.

Cabin Steward & Assistant Cabin Steward:
Each cabin on the cruise ships of Louis Cruises has its own personal cabin steward, who is supported by an assistant cabin steward. Each cabin steward and their assistant are responsible for 20-25 rooms and are charged with the cleaning, tidying and the proper appearance of each cabin. Apart from cleaning, tidying, freshening up, the changing of linen and towels and the other basic services, you can ask the cabin steward and the assistant cabin steward any question you may have. They will help you with pleasure and will inform you of everything you can enjoy on board: timetables and prices, services and packages. Just like in the best hotels in the world, you will receive the most attentive, pleasant, complete, organized, and flawless service. Also, on the ships our personnel, and especially those who attend to your personal space, are always cheerful, willing, experienced, polite, discreet and pride themselves on their professionalism.
The Room Service is charged extra according to the current pricelist.