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In our restaurants you will find Greek tastes as well as dishes from all over the world

The philosophy:
A meal on the cruise ships , whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner, is a pleasurable ritual. Everything is created from the finest Greek and international ingredients and are prepared on the same day. We do not buy anything ready-made and this is a core philosophy, which we abide by religiously.
We believe that all food tells a little story and talks to each and every one of us in a different way. Tastes, spices, seasonings, olive oil, fruit and vegetables, sweet and savory dishes that awake memories, join peoples, make stories come alive, and share the culture of each land. With respect, quality, and according to the highest standards, with imagination, affection and “temperament”!

Fresh ingredients:
Exclusively fresh ingredients are used in the kitchens of its cruise ships. And it is one of the very few cruise companies which do not make any exceptions on the quality and authenticity of their raw ingredients. Before each cruise we are supplied by Greek producers with the freshest possible raw ingredients which we have researched, tried and tasted from their preparation until the final dish.
The ingredients with which we work are extremely fresh and at every juicy bite they seem to scream “Greece!”.

Greekness – Authenticity – Quality:
The seasonings, the spices, the olive oil, the fruit and vegetables, the dairy products, the nuts, the honey, the legumes and the pasta, the wine we use in our recipes, everything is Greek! We honor our country, our culture and our customs and we work, strictly, authentically and exclusively with Greek ingredients.
That’s how we know that every delicacy we serve to our passengers is the best, the most delicious, the healthiest and most naturally produced. Moreover, the flour is produced organically and does not contain chemical additives or color and flavor additives.

Dishes and desserts of the day:
There is nothing better than fragrant, hot bread straight out of the oven… This is what the corporate executive chef of all Cruise ships, Yves Sou, maintains. He grew up in Paris and he and his team make sure that they offer the tastiest, authentic, freshly made and well prepared dishes to the “guests” of his kitchen. Both sweet and savory delicacies are prepared on the same day. The kitchen and the ovens aboard the cruise ships are working non-stop!
What could be more pleasant and healthier than marmalades and jams at breakfast, the freshly baked steaming bread rolls, the Danish pastries and the muffins at the buffet, the fresh desserts after the meal, the colorful dressings, soups, pates and terrines at dinner. On our cruise ships three times a day we bake more than 6 different types of bread and 10 pastries.

All the main meals of the day are included in the cruise rate. For breakfast, our passengers have at their disposal American and Continental choices, slightly altered with a Greek touch. Of course all of the rolls, muffins, and Danish pastries are fresh and baked in the kitchen of the ship. For lunch, the passengers are invited to choose from among dozens of appetizers, soups, salads, traditional and also Modern Greek cuisine which will delight you and fill you with energy and for the climax of the feast, handmade desserts: cake and ice-cream. At dinner, appetizers, soups, salads, healthy traditional Greek dishes and their modern variations, tastes from international cuisine and served at the end will be the desserts of the day.
Afternoon Tea is served daily on all our cruise ships other than those which commence from Cyprus.
All our dishes are designed and prepared to please you, to make you acquainted with or remind you of tastes, to satisfy even the most demanding palate to make this a gastronomic journey at the same time, while also, thanks to the famous and healthy “Mediterranean diet”,indulgencewill not affect your health.

We also serve pizza!:
For our little travelers or for the passengers who love crispy pizza, they can order handmade pizzas made in our kitchens and in fact we deliver them to your cabin.
Pizza delivery on board!